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what is AGV (automated guided vehicle) car?

IKV industrial robot design and manufacture Automated Guided Vehicle for different types of material transports, making your processes more flexible, efficient and safe.

agv cars

IKV has been making automatic guided vehicle agv car for over 10 years in china. in our product range we have forklift agv, packback agv, towing agv, roller agv, two way lurking agv and so on. AGV vehicle navigation modes can adopt magnetic tape agvnavigation, laser agv navigation, inertial two-dimensional code navigation, visual navigation and so on according to actual needs.

AGV MES system

IKV has been MES(Manufacturing Execution System)and RTD-WMS 3.0 Mobile Warehouse Management System, strong industrial robots support and perfect system design customize Intelligent Warehouse agv Management for You.

agv cars robot price vedio

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